All the earlier choices were taken and I had the burrito special lunch plate in front of me…

burritospecial is a professional counselor who retired from teaching in the public schools eight years ago (as of Sept. 2012). He is married to a lovely lady and has three grown daughters. He spends an inordinate amount of time at the local coffee shop yacking with folks. He loves to play chess and sometimes wins.

He grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and moved to rural southcentral Pennsylvania when Reagan was first elected.

burritospecial has an odd take on life that has sometimes been confused with wisdom. He’s often accused of being sarcastic by folks who don’t know the difference between facetious and sarcastic. He gets cranky when he is sleep deprived.

burritospecial liked the Flying Burrito Brothers folk rock band back in the day. Heck, he still does. I do. The heck with 3rd person formalities. I like all sorts of music and art. I’m pretty visual and verbal. Most folks like me at first. People who suck don’t.

And that’s all I’m telling you.

Okay, let me add that you can learn a great deal more by reading the posts. I’ve lived a good life and have few regrets. Not inventing the internet is a burden I must carry to the grave. Now, is that sarcasm or facetiousness?

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