786. E = mote

GTA V Trevor - Farm House Explosion GIF | Gfycat

“My anxiety just came out of nowhere and shot through the roof like a gas water heater missile that exploded!”

Uh huh.

“And then I could not get out of my head. I came unmoored, a boat in a hurricane. I skipped and skidded over the waves, out of control. White caps of panic jerked me up to see even worse things ahead; and then I’d crash down into thundering valleys of salt water. I wanted to die.”We sail again into rough waters. | Surfing, Us sailing, Surf art

Yeah, I get the picture. No control. Death looks good.

“I thought I’d gotten past all that years ago.”

Well, maybe something from back there was triggered today.

“I was so busy gagging and puking on my fear that I couldn’t stop to think. You can’t connect the dots when it’s a strobe light disco ball that’s hitting you in the face.”disgusted matilda GIF

Okay. Are you settled enough now to process the terror?

“I don’t really want to, but I know you’re gonna say I can’t sweep it under the rug ‘cuz then it will just become a land mine for me to step on later.”

Good job, Shirley. Spot on explanation. Anxiety as large as yours is a humongous Great Dane that poops all over  your psychic yard, and then waits impatiently for you to step in it. It’s cruel.7 Great Danes Who Think They're Lap Dogs [VIDEOS] - Dogtime

“Yeah, dog poop land mines. You just added an extra layer of graphic description I cannot unhear.”

Uh huh. That’s how I roll. Why pass up a memorable mental frame that could help you recall the lesson involved.

“You and metaphors, analogies, anecdotes, images, symbols… where do you get this stuff?”Free download wallpaper psychedelic kaleidoscope 15 AHSANTI Stool ...

The internet… no. Honestly, it just comes from life’s experience, from books, movies, other people’s lives, plus all those wasted years in prison. You know? When you told me your panic stricken experience, you used figurative language to paint me a picture of runaway anxiety. I find if I let the emotion waves hit me full on, pictures come right behind them. If I duck or try to control the wave, you know?, then I get sucked into it and rolled end over end. The unconscious is an abundant ocean of wisdom.

“So what are emotions? I know what they are but what do you think they really are.”Shots GIF - Find on GIFER

Energy that moves between beliefs/perceptions and resulting actions. Emotions are fuel.

“Okay, but aren’t there many emotions?”


“So how does this fit with fuel?”

How many fuels can you think of?

“Gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, uh, propane gas, uh, ethanol… I’m missing one, right?”Eagle 5-Gallon Metal Gasoline Can at Lowes.com

Uh huh. Coal, wood, alcohol, parafin, jet fuel, nuclear fission, gun powder, liquid nitrogen, electricity, peat, corn, animal dung, sunlight magnified with solar panels, microwaves…

“Wow. Now that you mention it, I remember that movie The Day After Tomorrow where the world froze, remember?, and the guy went to New York City; he sheltered in place in the city library; and they had to burn all these books to survive.”POSTPONED) The Day After Tomorrow (12) - screening - Summerhall ...

Yeah, ironic and symbolic. Survival trumped previous civilization and knowledge. Now mote means “move” and the e is short for “ex”, which means “out”. So emotions are energy that moves out of the person experiencing them.

“That’s what we are doing right now– moving my anxiety out in language and volume and pace and images, facial expressions, gestures…”Emoting GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Exactly. You can also write them out, dance them out, draw or paint or sculpt them out. You can exercise or work them out. Ever angry clean?Lincoln Center Dance GIF by New York City Ballet - Find & Share on ...

“Oh yeah. If you come to my house and the kitchen is spotless, it means Mike and I had a fight that morning. It’s like anger destroys my sense of security and cleaning restores it.”Rodeo loop floor GIF - Find on GIFER

Nice insight, Shirley. I can picture it.

“Well, I don’t want everyone else to see me mad or sad or scared. So I usually stuff them back down, like swallowing puke.”

Very graphic, Shirley. I’ll need to suppress that before dinner. Aren’t you editing the truth of your life when you do this?

“Who would want to hear my pathetic feelings? I’m embarrassed to even tell you.”

Don’t you share your deepest feelings with friends?Sladder GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

“Only my closest friends know my rage, my pain, fears, and disappointments. I don’t trust just anyone with this intimate stuff.”

Exactly. Now did you share and then gain depth of intimacy, or did you have close friends and the intimacy came later on?

“I hate your questions! You make my brain hurt. I think I started with some trust and then took a risk to expose more of my inner self to a friend. When she accepted me and validated my feelings, we grew closer. So I guess it was the first option, but I think you already knew that.”

I have the advantage here, Shirley, since I am the other voice in this dialogue and the omniscient author.

“Oh yeah, you even know what I’m gonna say before my words appear on the screen.”

Yep, that’s how it works with free wheeling writing like this. There is no fourth wall like in movies or television. I can employ the deus ex machina as I feel led to. But trust me: the pressure on me is enormous.

“What does that mean?”

Literally it means “the god from a machine”, but in theater it’s a reference to overhead cranes that hold a god character above stage. 8 dactyl-denouement-deusexmachina

“So, back to emotions. I get that they are fuel and that they are energy that must move out of a person. And that we share our strongest emotions with our closest peeps. But why? What difference do they make?

Excellent, Shirley. It’s like I was just about to type those very words.

“You did.”

Oh, right. Anyway, this fuel causes an outcome action to occur– a yell, tears, a slamming door, a smile, a hug, a punch, a sprint, a struggle.

“And if I don’t express my negative feelings? What then?”

Then you get emotionally constipated and punch yourself in the face. Punch Self GIFs | Tenor

“Oooh, got it.”


785. Ravens and Doves

Dr. Mike Heiser on Noah's Flood - Evidence for God from ScienceIt’s starting to feel like Noah’s Ark here in south central Pennsylvania. The clouds scud across the sky from west to east, drenching the landscape daily, even into the night. I hear small footsteps in the kitchen at night, and I’m sure it’s the ghost of Anne Frank making tea from our discarded teabags. She is very tidy and no problem as an invisible roommate. The emerald green grass of my half acre lawn is like a thick Persian carpet that is growing ahead of my ability to mow. I can HEAR it growing in a low growling groan. It’s growin’. I could employ four goats these days because the lock washer that held the blade to the flywheel of my Cub Cadet mower BROKE, no SHATTERED, after I sharpened it. So now I have a sharp blade that cannot be attached to the mower until the replacement part arrives in 3 to 5 days, if the pandemic does not delay shipping. Symbolic of powerlessness, the sharp useless blade. Holy Moses! When will that dove fly back with an olive branch, the proof of reprieve?Angelina Jolie GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Captivity, self quarantine, sequestration… sort of sucks. My lovely wife is the highlight of the isolation. So far she has not killed me, which is a testament to her fortitude and patience. Then there is Kermit our dog. She piddles around following one of us to wherever we go in order to vary her nap landing strips while spreading out her abundant shedding fur. I miss the days when my daughters kept a zoo of pets in our house– guinea pigs, rabbits, a cat, a dog, finches, a cockatiel, iguanas, and an albino frog that used to hop out of his aquarium and get stuck to the floor. We managed to rehydrate him every time but one. Another pet tragedy left a gaping hole:  There is still a passageway in the back of one of our base kitchen cabinets that I cut in search of a missing lizard. Never did find him.3The BirdsDirected By Alfred Hitchcock (1963) GIF | Gfycat

Warning: Detour Ahead. Expect Delays. Headlights On For Safety. Stay In Your Lane.

[However, I did start a book titled “The Albino (Frog), The Lizard, and the Wardrobe”.The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe: An Allegory for Parents – The ...

Basically the plot involved these intrepid girls, the Finch sisters, who traveled across time and space through a secret passageway in the back of their parents’ liquor cabinet. On the other side they landed in a dystopian world called Smarmia run by an orange haired baboon / real estate tycoon who had brought a once prosperous kingdom to a bankrupt land of lies and corruption. King Tweedledumb rewarded his toadies with covfefe and irresistible Turkish delight. The combination produced an effect like crystal methamphetamine on his lobotomized flying monkeys– they held rallies and staged protests over things they did not understand and could not spell. “Give us PEEPLE LIBERTEE  and a side order of Deaf.” My publisher thought it was too dark and dervivative.]Thousands flood Wisconsin Capitol to protest stay-at-home orders

The real life innocent finches would get out of their cage and fly from window to window in our upstairs rooms. Our border collie Nick would pursue them like he was in an English steeple chase event, vaulting over furniture and occasionally dragging a lamp to destruction. Eventually we would knock the finches out of the air with bath towels and return them to their static cages after many laughs and a bit of excitement. Nowadays, though, it seems as if we are the finches looking for a jailbreak opportunity from our historic Babaloonian Captivity.  “One of these days I’m gonna break the glass and make a run for the wall, Eddie.” “Stan, we’re birds! we fly.”
STAR TAME BIRDS: Zebra Finches, Society, and Spice Finches

In between rain showers the dairy farmer behind our yard added Authentic Arkish smells last Friday. He took the opportunity to spread hundreds of metric tons of liquified cow manure over his fields. On  the one nice day he sprayed atomized bovine butt brew all over creation. Even with the windows shut and spiced candles burning inside, the smell permeated our Ark. Dreams carried the aroma with them as well. I woke up in a sweat believing I was drowning in our septic tank. Ghostly Anne Frank tried to pull me out, but my grip could not grasp her evanescent hands. I took a long hot shower in the morning just to be sure.Manure & Nutrient Management

I don’t recall if anyone on Noah’s Ark asked him what day it was or if they were there yet. There was no there yet to get to, if you recall. The landscape was submerged beneath endless waters, and sonar had not been invented yet. Eventually, though, Noah sent out a raven to do reconnaissance.Noah Releasing the Raven Vittorio Bianchini (1797-1880 Italian ...

It happened thus. Noah wanted to know whether there was any dry land to be found anywhere so that a new life could be started by all the inmates of his ship. He had to send a bird to see whether the time had come to begin to build a new life on earth, and he selected the glib-tongued raven to perform that mission. The raven left the ark, but instead of carrying out the important task that was assigned to him, he began to cruise about and to search for flesh to satiate his avaricious appetite. When the raven detected a floating carcass in the waters below he swooped down upon it, ripped it with his talons and devoured it. While everyone in the ark was waiting with mixed feelings of anxiety and hope for his report, the raven was busy gorging himself with the flesh of the victims of the Flood. No wonder that subsequent generations identified the raven with selfishness and betrayal of trust (YalLut Noah 58).Black And White Dark GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Yes, and the craven raven has never lived that moment down. In his moment of truth, the raven showed who he was– avaricious, selfish, careless, and ravenous. How about that? Some other bird had to go do his job, the humble dove. Not sure how an olive tree grew under water throughout the deluge, but I don’t question that detail any more than I interrogate Anne Frank’s ghost. One thing I am relearning every day: never elect a raven to do a dove’s job.Trump Scrambles to Address the Coronavirus While Suing Two Newspapers

784. Masquerades

Mosaic_depicting_theatrical_masks_of_Tragedy_and_Comedy_( ...The word hypocrite ultimately came into English from the Greek word hypokrites, which means “an actor” or “a stage player.” The Greek word itself is a compound noun: it’s made up of two Greek words that literally translate as “an interpreter from underneath.” That bizarre compound makes more sense when you know that the actors in ancient Greek theater wore large masks to mark which character they were playing, and so they interpreted the story from underneath their masks. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)Greek Chorus Mask Set

In these days of mandatory masks I was wondering as I weed whacked and socially distanced from nobody outside, ‘It’s an odd phenomenon to wear masks of any kind. Okay, Halloween or New Year’s Eve or a bank robbery may be exceptions, but generally masks are creepy. And why is this? Probably because confusion comes from the double image staring back at you as you attempt to hold two identities simultaneously in your perceiver’s mind.’man with mask Cropped | Intero Advisory

Humans are constantly trying to make sense of their environment, to make sure it’s safe and secure. A noise in the dark is a threat until the listener determines if it’s not… that it’s a lost horse instead of a hungry bear. We scan other humans also, for the same reasons. Life is more satisfying and less worrisome if you can rest in the presence of others. A great read on this business is Malcolm Gladwell’s  latest book, “Talking to Strangers“. He makes the point that we humans tend to “default to truth”, and this practice is efficient and adaptive… unless it’s not. NZ man wearing Halloween mask puts gun to nurse's head | Daily ...

His exceptions are hair raising examples– Hitler, Jerry Sandusky, Amanda Knox, Dr. Larry Nassar, and Bernie Madoff. In “Talking to Strangers”Gladwell demonstrates that our susceptibility to being misled by our own impressions is ongoing and widespread. [Daryl Chen, Ted Talk] You see, these folks were inscrutable. They masked their true evil with normal masks, with the exception of Amanda Knox, who was just weird and in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is why we need to know what’s under literal or psychological masks. ADOLF HITLER SMILING by SSKillerSS on DeviantArt

Many folks will tell you that they are good judges of character, that they can look deep into a person’s eyes and see their soul. However, when someone wears mask upon mask, how does this character reading work?  It does not. As Gladwell explains, special algorithms are much better at predicting repeat offenders than seasoned judges in New York City’s court system. Likewise, folks who never met Hitler in person had a much clearer read on his insanity from reading Mein Kampf. Louisiana attorney asks for jurors who wouldn't judge client's ...

Years before Jerry Sandusky was arrested for his spree of molesting young boys, a friend of mine who closely followed Penn State football noted that something dirty was going on with Jerry. Neither of us ever met Sandusky, so there was no personal aura in play either way. Clark’s reasoning went like this…Abuse victim: Callous Paterno ignored '76 Sandusky complaint | Fox ...

“This guy is the heir apparent to Joe Paterno. Sandusky has waited for decades to assume the title. He’s at the top of his career, right? What’s he, 55 or so? Paterno is 72 plus. Why? Nobody does this. And then, and then, get this, Jerry then coaches at a high school as a volunteer! But the biggest unbelievable is that no other college program in the country interviewed him for a coaching position. They all know something, I’m tellin’ ya.” He was spot on, with no interpersonal relationship to leverage his opinion.

In July 1999, Jerry Sandusky announced that he would retire from his defensive coordinator role with Penn State after the 1999 season, his 32nd with the team.  At the time, the Nittany Lions were considered one of the top teams in the country. [KLChuinard, Bucks News] Jerry Sandusky: Convicted child molester moved to Penn. state ...

Return to the Greek actor with a Happy Valley smile on his masked face. “Oh, you know Jerry. He’s a big kid. Everybody loves Jerry. He’s a savior to so many boys.” Underneath that mask was a sick pedophile who could not help himself. Which is why those around him should have acted rationally not emotionally. There is a huge chasm of difference between not knowing and not wanting to know. And a gaping legal abyss between knowing but refusing to act.

Similar dynamics were in play with Madoff and Nassar. A certain unearned credibility was given to these men that overrode most folks’ natural doubts. How can Madoff make a 15% return on his funds regardless of the market’s performance? Madoff Magic. Really? Wealthy and intelligent folks bit on that lure over and over again, even recommending him to their wealthy friends. Can’t lose with Bernie… till $50 billion later, it was revealed he ran the largest Ponzi scheme in history. The interpreter under the mask, the hypocrite, spoke in whispers. He never corrected the misperceptions he’d created in others. Never-before-heard Bernie Madoff tapes reveal details of ruinous ...

Dr. Larry Nassar molested young female gymnasts in plain sight, often in the presence of a parent. He had that magic touch and a special vaginal massage that he practiced on these girls. His mask borrowed credibility from his profession and university covers. But the interpreter under his mask was a bold pervert of epic proportions. Larry Nassar was a wonderful doctor – everyone said so. The little girls who were sent to him were told it was an honour. Their parents were told it was a sign their daughters were destined for greatness if this doctor – who treated Olympians! – would treat their children. [Hadley Freeman, The Guardian]How Larry Nassar Got Away With Decades of Sexual Abuse | NYT - YouTube

Just finished reading Killers of the Flower Moon. It chronicles a string of murders of wealthy Osage Indians who had “headrights” to oil reserves in Oklahoma, dating back to 1870. These folks were the richest people on earth per capita at the time…which is why so many white folks got into the murder business there from 1907 up through the 1930’s. Truly disturbing stuff, how elected officials, law enforcement agents, doctors, bankers, lawyers, and other businessmen conspired to kill and defraud these second class citizens.  “They smile in your face, all the time they want to take your place, the backstabbers.”

The killers were standing right next to their victims whispering murder under a mask.Killers of the Flower Moon: The calamity of the Osage oil

783. Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification - The One Skill You Need to Save Money A key component of maturity is the ability to delay present gratification until a later time when a larger harvest will result, or a less dangerous outcome is likely. Impulse control is required. Executive functioning occurs in the brain’s frontal lobes, the location of the hard software that runs higher level thinking, planning, and the structuring of our worlds– if you haven’t had a brain injury there or ADHD.

Children usually don’t demonstrate the willingness to wait graciously. Like drug addicts, they want what they want when they want it. Two year olds are famous for this lack of waiting and impulse control. The second and third year of life for most little ones is a journey through the Land of No, the place with streets named Later Avenue, Not Yet Circle, One Day Drive, Tomorrow Lane, etc.Temper Tantrum GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Teenagers struggle with No also. As they gain some adult privileges and confident independence, they tend to get out ahead of their limited maturity. They want more and more freedom without commensurate demonstrated responsibility. They make more promises than they keep, often because they only think of best case scenarios. Let’s listen in to the voice of immediacy and the voice of reason, shall we?peace out GIF by Johnny Orlando

“So Mom and Dad, the Insane Clown Posse concert is in Philadelphia this Friday. It starts at 8 pm. The band usually does a two hour show, so it’ll be over by 10 if the Juggalos don’t riot. So it’s like just down the road, you know, and Billy’s folks already said yes if you say yes.”

“Son, Philly is two and half hours away, both ways. That’s five hours of the Turnpike for a two hour show. You and Billy are 16. I uh…”

“Uhh, Billy is almost 17.”Stock up on your Faygo: Insane Clown Posse plays Spokane Aug. 14 ...

“Yeah, but neither of you has driven that far and solved the likely problems you may encounter.”

“You’re so negative, Dad. Always talking about what’s gonna go wrong! You don’t trust anyone.”

“I’m just trying to put this into perspective, Nick. You have to find the venue, park, eat something, and not get lost before 8 pm. So you’ll need to leave here by what? 4 pm I guess.”

“So I can go? Dad,  you’re the best!”

“Son, Nick, we are brainstorming here, trouble shooting not anointing the trip.”

“Aw man! Why do you need to do all this thinking and planning? Man, you and Mom are control freaks.”Urban Dictionary: Tantrums

“Nick, can we get off of Drama Terrace and return to Problem Solving Highway?”

“Go ahead.”

“So you leave here at 4 pm, drive to Philly in time to deal with traffic, parking, eating and anything else we haven’t thought about.”

“Like what?”

“Uh, an accident on the way. Weather. Getting lost.”

“There you go again, Mr. Negative.”Mister Negative Fan Casting for Netflix's The Spectacular Spider ...

“Nick, do you even have tickets yet?”

“Uh, no. I needed to get your permission before I bought them. You know?  Thinking ahead, Dad.”

“And how were you planning on buying these tickets?”

“On line. Duh.”

“Do you have a credit card?”Ask the Expert: Setting Rules for Teenage Computer Use

“Yeah, yours.”

“How much are the tickets?”

“Seventy five bucks each plus the TicketMaster upcharge of $25 per ticket, so that’s uh…”

“Two hundred dollars.”

“Yeah. I’ll pay you back.”

“I’d prefer payment up front.”

“Where am I gonna get two hundred dollars?”How to Deal with an Angry Teen | Child Anxiety - YouTube

“Exactly my point.”

“So you’re pretending to let me go, but then you’re not gonna loan me the money? Nice, Dad.”

“I haven’t said yes or no, Nick. I’d just like to see the plan.”

“Dad, we’re teenagers. We don’t have a plan. Like I guess you had a plan for everything back in the horse and buggy days.”

“Actually, I had to do all my planning ahead of time because your grandfather would not be as patient and calm with me as I am with you.”

“Well I’m not you!”

“That is self evident, Nick. Tell you what– why don’t you hop online and see if there are seats available.”Teen faces attempted murder charge after Pompano Beach stabbing

“What? D- D- Dad, are you pulling my chain? Don’t tease me.”

“No, it occurs to me that we may be planning something that is impossible.”

“Wait, wait, here it is. Let’s scroll over to tickets available… and Presto! What? Sold out? No way. This is not happening! I can’t believe it! I bet they sold out while you were doing all this PLANNING!”

“No, looks like they sold out a week ago, Nick.”

“Well thanks a lot. You ruined my entire weekend. I can’t wait till I’m 18. I ‘m moving out.”

“Nick, you’ll still need a plan.”

“Aaaahhhhh. No more plans. They are boring and stupid and never work.”sad oh no GIF by The Voice UK

“Okay, son. I’m glad we cleared that up.”

Not everyone achieves level headed maturity even after they age out into their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and so on. Fast food, pay day loans, credit card debt, and mad shopping sprees are symptoms of the immature inability to delay gratification. And that’s where the money goes, folks. Our fevered consumerism cheers on immediate gratification. It’s flashy and fast and splashy and so now. Waiting and saving is not at all sexy or cool. But it works.Kristen Stewart Dance GIF by Charlie's Angels - Find & Share on GIPHY

Our society is struggling with the slow down demanded by this quarantine. It’s like going back to dial up modems and the mini computers that used to be the hottest ticket in the 90’s. My beloved Slowski Turtles. Nobody likes to go back when it comes to technology. Politics, though, are a different fantasy. I suppose every nation in decline looks back with rosy colored nostalgia at the good old days. You know, back in the 1950’s when America was really America. Or back in the Victorian days before all those immigrants got here. Or back when everyone lived happily ever after on plantations where the slaves loved their owners. Yep, just like family. Everybody was so happy.Antebellum Cotton Plantation

You can’t go naively backwards; and you can’t race ahead like all those failed early airplanes. Steady, Freddy. Make a plan. Stick to it methodically. You can still enjoy your cake tomorrow if you don’t eat it today.






782. Monks or Inmates?

hrm_cloisteredlife_2019.pngMy Sunday school class met again via Zoom last week. It had the appearance of an overcrowded game show, like Hollywood Squares for you old timers. Mostly couples in 2″ x 2″ cubicles with microphone icons on or off. Each square adorned with a yellow frame to cue the audience toward whoever was speaking. For a pretty low tech dinosaur such as The Burrito Man it was like going to the zoo, only I had the roaming leopard’s perspective as I waltzed by humans in cyber cages.What is a Large Meeting? – Zoom Help Center

Warning: Abandon all hope ye who read past this line. I had been asked to lead the lesson. I know, you don’t have to suppress your shock and horror, your gasps and gastric juices. I am the most moth eaten Christian out there, covered in the stains of sin. All I can say is that God is merciful to sinners. He is the stain remover. He Shouts it out! Or Resolves it away. (Those two products are not silent sponsors of this blog. Full transparency: I have no sponsors or supervision.)SC Johnson Shout® 652463 22 oz. Triple-Acting Laundry Stain Remover Spray

Anyway I will now share the highlights of our shared hour. (I had to separate our from hour to keep you from getting verbal vertigo. English is more of a word orphanage than a language. Foreign words are dropped off on the steps of Miss English, who won’t turn them away. And they never age out. We keep ancient words around just in case they are needed a few centuries later. Miss English is a bit of a hoarder.)The Rise of the Orphanage – Merryn Allingham

So, my premise was this: Quarantine can be a monastery/cloister or a prison/concentration camp. The choice is yours. You determine the quality of the experience. If you choose to cloister– seclude from the world by your own choice in order to draw closer to God– then you will find peace, security, meaning, purpose, rest, contentment. Why? Because that is what you looked for. If you look for shelter, you ignore barren spaces and sheer inclines. Your survival depends on a certain tunnel vision to find a cave or dry brush pile out of the elements. Focusing on survival and the ultimate goal of thriving victoriously motivates the seeker to attach. You look with gratitude at what is instead of whining “I don’t have any electricity or matches or toilet paper!!” about what is not available. Creativity is born and rewarded.Cloistered

In a string of word/concepts we move forward== hope leads to a dream; a dream leads to a plan; a plan leads to a program; and the program leads to a real project… often in service to the greater good.

The project may only prove what does not work; however, it moves the hopeful experimenter one step closer to what does work. Edison is famous for trying 10,000 filaments for the first light bulb. When asked if he felt defeated by all the failure, he very rationally responded, “No, I found 9,999 filaments that did not work.” It wouldn’t be much of a story if he tried once and succeeded; and yet, it seems that victims believe in the one shot rule where they win the mega millions lottery on their only try. Thomasedison | Capitalism: The Liberal Revolution

Focusing on what is not present is a victim’s mindset. It starts defeated and makes no progress. The prisoner is separated from society against his choice.  The least favorite topping of prison pizza is gratitude. “Yeah, Warden, hold the gratitude. It just gets stuck between my teeth and I don’t have any dental floss cuz you’re afraid I’ll make a noose and hang myself with it. And I should cuz I was unjustly convicted of being a cocaine salesman. The cops set me up. The D.A. is no saint. I mean, I’m like the Rosa Parks of prisoners.”What's the point? – Learned Helplessness ...

Not that you can’t find God in prison, but once you do it’s no longer prison. Do you see? Perspective is a choice. Binoculars work either way: they can enlarge and draw in the distant object you desire; or conversely and backwards, they can make your own foot look like it’s ten storeys down from your eyes. Over time, staring at absence creates detachment. Desolation arises from this willful illusion.Desolation - Love Neverending

It helps to make the healthy choice if you are living in the here and now. Victims tend to sift through the litter box of their personal history to find nuggets of injustice and hurt and regret. Not surprisingly this exercise in dumpster diving results in depression. Anxious victims get way out ahead of the moment and spin out what if? scenarios in their future. They worry and doubt multiple narratives that choke off real plans. Either alternate reality takes the prisoner away from the now, where he can be healthy or whole. Angels, Saints and Holy Days - Personal Tao

Victim word/concepts that lead to regress== doubt leads to multiple narratives; multiple narratives lead to confusion; confusion leads to paralysis; paralysis leads to helplessness; helplessness leads to hopelessness… which drowns itself in self indulgent nihilism.50+ Ouroboros Tattoo Designs To Evoke That Ancient Spirit - Tats ...

Yep, nothingness is pretty simple. You can hit that target blindfolded every time if you just don’t try. Trying will trip you up to hope… and you know where that leads? Effort. Even language defeats itself in double and triple negations. Try to make sense out of the following command– “Don’t you never stop doing what you aint started to begin with.” It collapses into the unknowable, a small word salad.  Victims are essentially double negated persons, strangled by vines of doubt and fatalism.Picture of the Day: The Ancient Banyan Tree «TwistedSifter

Victors, on the other hand, hope, dream, plan and try. Positives flow from their minds and tongues. Luck is not a strategy they employ. Rather than settle in under a blanket of warm doom, victors dared to solve problems. They took reasoned risks while humbly recording their attempts, and never surrendering. File:Darts in a dartboard.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Finally, my blogstaceans, deposit this command into your spiritual bank– “Cloister like an oyster; turn your gritty irritants into pearls of wisdom.” Amen.How Do Oysters Make Pearls? | HowStuffWorks

And now, I’d like to pass the offering plate for you to give as you feel led.How passing the plate becomes a 'Sunday morning stickup' - CNN


781. The Puppet Show

Worlds Greatest Marionette show | JPZ Entertainment, Inc

Truth smoked.

Trust incinerated.

Fear unfurls.

Facts hated.

Hostility fertilized.

Social fabric frayed.

Relationships wither.

Tribes delineatedSwing state - Wikipedia

Sharpies slither.

Ammo accumulated.

Inquisitions begin.

Accusations fly.

Fanatics testify.

Vigilantes strike.Benedict as Richard III in the new Hollow Crown Trailer ...

Disinformation spikes.

Drama corrupts.

Trauma erupts.

Blood spills.Kill bill crazy 88 movie GIF on GIFER - by Gholas

History ignored

Repeat doomed

Eyes shut

Head numb

Passion loosed

King dumb.

Violent refuge.


Sow wind.

Reap whirlwind.Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind - David S. - Medium







780. The Centipede

If You're Tempted to Eat Raw Centipedes, Don'tThe centipede came crawling out of the yard sale items on the living room floor to the left of my mobile office on the dining room table we refinished two years ago, when life was still open to the endless horizon. Lately we’ve been making a short wall of rarely used pots, cups, waffle iron, baskets, mason jars, bread maker, dishes, coffee makers, Tupperware, and a variety of knick knacks and doo dads for a future yard sale. Like a furry slinky toy with a hundred fuzzy legs it approached me, dull gray morning light from the living room window behind it cast a blurry shadow making it appear even larger and longer. In an instant I jumped up from my Pandora mix and word processing; let’s see, it was the Stones “Paint It Black” or “Rainbow” playing in my three second trauma. “I see a centipede, I want to stomp it flat.” I stomped it flat on the white oak floor board with a slippered foot. The centipede’s remains quivered involuntarily until I wiped them up with a paper towel. Nasty moment!D.I.D 530VX Chain And Sprocket Kit | ChapMoto.com

Somehow in my reptilian brain the centipede seemed like a messenger bringing bad tidings from hidden places, from the Kingdom of Gloom. It’s easy for a brain to wildly spin when the chain of routine has come off the sprocket of agency. We all like to push down on pedals and get movement; pull and gain traction; or brake and stop. Yeah? Utility beats the heck out of futility, fills the human vacuum with purpose. That freakin’ centipede seemed to possess carnivorous agency as he oscillated toward me. Yes, they are predators who use venom to stun or kill their prey. He was not knocked off his game in this pandemic. It was just another day in the centipede office for him, I guess… his last.Millipedes and Centipedes | UGA Cooperative Extension

In my urgency to dispose of the centipede, I ever so slightly dislodged the power cord of my lap top computer, sending the screen into a spasmodic flicker. Already unchained by the unstructured circumstances of sequestration, I thought ‘Oh great! Now my wifi is going to gnaw at my last nerve sheath!’ My Bloggactieria, take it from your fearless leader: getting angry has never solved a problem beyond an arm’s length away. Yes, there are times when angry self defense is absolutely appropriate, like when you are being robbed by a crack head. However, most of our civilized lives don’t require bar fight solutions.Bar Fight GIFs | Tenor

Still, there was that sense of desperate fruitlessness when the tsunami wave knocks your Mimosa out of your hand as you are toasting, “Farewell cruel world.” Tsunami Alert: Blue Wave Approaching Fast

Which leads me to the invasion of the body snatchers playing out in state capitals in our untied states. That’s not a typo. We are coming untied, a variant Scrabble play of united. The social contract is a fabric woven of interdependent threads that run across state lines, cities and counties too. This pandemic is not the cause of the untying process; it’s merely the final snowflake that tips a lopsided and divided nation into chaos. The imbalance has always been present. Catastrophe does not create it so much as reveal it. Fear brings out our primal instincts, like me killing that fuzzy centipede. Snap!The Racist Origins of 'Tipping Point' | Merriam-Webster

Come to think of it, the OPEN UP OR BE KILLED protesters are harbingers of bad things to come, like the centipede. In Lansing, Michigan I think they organized a traffic gridlock that blocked traffic in the downtown area, including access to hospitals. Now that’s a patriotic thing to do, dontcha think?  Kill your fellow Americans while protesting your right to be stupid under the protection of the First and Second Amendments. Where is Godzilla when you need him to squash a bunch of reactionary Constitutional termites?Godzilla has evolved 30 times faster than any other animal on ...

What’s even whackier is that millions of other quarantined lemmings are distraught that they were not out honking horns and standing next to their compatriot rebels, practicing civil disobedience and the lost art of self lobotomy simultaneously. Man, if you have not marched in a Shriner’s parade, you have no idea what you are missing here, folks. The grandeur of red fez tassels blowing in the wind created by go carts and minibikes driven by middle aged white men in a childish frenzy celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of oysters in Eastern Virginia. Yep, kind of like that. Or maybe it’s the annual bacon parade in a small Kentucky village where you can get anything from bacon cheesecake to bacon perfume at the local swine shops. Provincial would be an upgrade for these folks. Farmers for MAGA and coal miners for MAGA and Pony Express Riders for MAGA. You know, the Messiah said he’s coming back. Why not now? Why not Donald?TRUMP GOLD & BLACK LUCKY 1 1/4" CHALLENGE COIN SHRINERS MASONIC ...

Lord knows we’ve had countless apocalyptical prophesies over the last two hundred years. When a flood, a drought, a tornado, a recession hits the heartland, preachers start the chorus– “End Times be upon us, children!! Hurry, scurry into the Temple of Doom. Sacrifice some brown folks or black folks or poor folks to atone for your lily white sins.”

My personal favorite is this clown,

21 Oct 2011 Harold Camping When his original prediction failed to come about, Camping revised his prediction and said that on May 21, a “Spiritual Judgment” took place, and that both the physical rapture and the end of the world would occur on 21 October 2011.

This was his fourth swing at the pinata of divination. Proving that prophecy is 1% inspiration and 99% obfuscation and that four strikes is still not a strike out in AA prophecy ball.

So, the centipede did not succeed. And I hope that the dope who can’t cope with the slope of our infectious rope will just say nope and return to the envelope of his funky cantaloupe. I.E. go home and isolate before killing the rest of us. Amen. Reopen the insane asylum. I can’t take the loneliness, Bob. I don’t need meds, I need a job!

Image - 293846] | Rage Guy (FFFFFUUUUUUUU-) | Know Your Meme

And squash!


779. Miranda Wrongs

Law & Order' to Stream on Peacock – VarietyMaybe you work in law enforcement or the judicial system, or maybe you’ve watched Law and Order and know what the arresting officer always tells the suspect as he/she is being cuffed… “You have the right to remain silent…etc.” Taken together this spiel is known as Miranda Rights, from a Supreme Court ruling in 1966, Miranda vs. Arizona.  I suppose these explicit rights go along with the underlying belief in U.S. criminal law of the presumption of innocence…

One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime charged… unless you are poor, foreign, or a minority.Obama & Presumption of Innocence - AZ Guns | News & Blog

Just because you are arrested does not mean that you are guilty of any crime. In politics, however, you can be convicted by the court of public opinion, which is where I’d like to go today. In particular I’d like to focus on one of the dumbest Americans out there. He used to be an ultra conservative economic analyst on television news. Once Humpty Trumpy got up on the wall at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this wooden headed puppet did his song and dance for the audience of one, “Look, no strings on me!” he all but proclaimed for anyone interested.

Steven Moore, ignoramus par excellence. He uttered and stuttered for Trump during Trump to appoint Stephen Moore to Federal Reserve Board of ...

the campaign and right alongside the two trillion dollar tax cut that was supposed to float all of our boats. Night after night he swore on his own version of the economics bible that the wages of working class Americans would rise; that corporations would rush to expand and grow more jobs; that overseas money in hiding would come rushing back to U.S. as taxable income. He licked every syllable and body part of Trump in his audition. In most states he’d be guilty of sex crimes if Donald pressed charges. Finally Steven went in for the prize, the Federal Reserve Board nomination. That’s when the knives came out… “and when the cutting was done the only part that wasn’t bloody were the soles of the big man’s feet.”A evil elf named fred - Drawception

How wrong can one man be? Check his record on race, economics (he owed thousands in back taxes), sports, child labor laws, women’s rights (including his ex-wife, to whom he owed a fortune in child support). If you ever watched him, it was immediately apparent that he lacked a sense of humor, though he did a freaky nervous laugh worthy of a disturbed Hollywood villain. Maybe even a guest shot in Law and Order.Editorial: Time's up on distracted driving law's grace period ...

Picture this: Steven Moore driving a bit tipsily after announcing the withdrawal of his name for consideration of court jester of the Federal Reserve Board, after national humiliation and public shame as the contrary conman that he is. But on second thought, let that bottle of bad wine age one more year until April 2020 when he endorsed civil disobedience for Tea Party, White Nationalists, Gun Nuts, and Trumpers to forcibly reopen states in the middle of our pandemic. In his self serving stupidity he made the bizarre false equivalency that the poor frustrated gun toting white people were equal to Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on a public bus during Jim Crow apartheid in Montgomery, Alabama. A perfect comparison, right? Rosa Parks historical photos and facts - Business Insider

He’s an idiot, and like every village idiot he fails to learn from his past achievements of stupidity. But let’s get close to the action as Wisconsin State Trooper Paul Oglethorpe pulls Steven over for swerving across three lanes. Best Police Car Strobes GIFs | Gfycat

Paul, “Sir, do you know why I pulled you over?”

Steven,“For my autograph?  Ha ha ha. Officer, I’m not sure you know who I am.”

Paul, “Thanks, sir. Why don’t you show me your license and registration so I can verify who you are.”

Steven, “No, I’m Steven Moore, economist, writer, Fox News contributor, friend of President Trump. I was this close to being on the Federal Reserve Board. I’m a baller, son.”

Paul, “I’m sure you are, sir. But I’ll still need your license and registration.”Nationally known economist Stephen Moore to speak at two Fargo ...

Steven, “But Officer Oglethorpe, I’m on my way to a shut down the state, pro liberty rally to reopen our economy and avoid a socialist takeover.”

Paul, “Sir, Mr. Moore, if that is your name, I’m not going to ask you again. Step out of the car and put your hands on the roof. Spread your feet.”

Steven,” You are making a HUGE mistake, Officer. My lawyer is a lawyer to all the big celebrities; he’ll work your boss over like a piece of venison jerky when I get me one phone call.”Can North Carolina Police Lawfully Search a Car and the Occupants ...

Paul, “Sir, you have the right to remain stupid. Any stupid thing you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.  Seriously. You have the right to a mental health advocate and have him present while you are interrogated. If you cannot afford a mental health interpreter, one will be appointed to represent you before you repeat more stupid stuff. You can decide to exercise these rights and not answer any questions or make any statements. Is this clear to you, Mr. Moore?”

Steven, “This is crazy talk. I am innocent of all charges. I am Rosa Parks and you must be an Obama Socialist. I see, now I get it. You are trying to shut me up because…”First-Ever Decentralized Crypto Central Bank 'Decentral' Adds ...

Paul, “Because you are stupid, Mr. Moore. You cut across three lanes of traffic without using a turn signal while talking on a cell phone, and I smell alcohol on your breath. In addition I can plainly see blood on a document in your back seat. What’s that about?”

Steven, “Oh, it’s just a copy of the Constitution. I was going to use it at the rally. You know that line ‘The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure ‘ ? It’s a crowd favorite.”

Paul, “Sir, you give stupid a bad name.”Chris Anderson: The Village Idiot Strikes Back (bg178) | Chris ...

778. Life, A One Way Street

One Way Signs - Regulation One Way Street Signs by Rice Signs

Often I hear people say with regret, resignation, or bitterness, “Well, I’ll never get that time back”. Despite the negative tone this is a true statement. No one ever gets any time back, ever. Life is a one way street, blogoids. You may loop around and repeat seasons, jobs or relationships, but you don’t get the time back; you simply expend more time looping around in an eddy just like when you get lost on an interstate clover leaf exit. The time ticks away whether you are progressing or simply wasting your time. Nor can you stop the clock at an intersection for consultation of GPS. Sitting in gridlocked traffic does not stop the ebbing of time.

I suppose time is our most precious commodity. So spend it wisely, Blogundos. I know, I know– you are calling me a hypocrite right now since I fritter away countless hours writing a blog no one reads. Am I not wasting time and ignoring my own warning?  Well, the value of what we do is not always known in the moment we do it. Van Gogh, as you likely know, never sold a painting in his tortured life. Emily Dickinson never saw one of her poems published in her lifetime. Did they waste their time? Uh, oh no, don’t think I am putting myself in their stratosphere. No. Perhaps my pathetic narratives are cautionary tales for educating lost folks not to follow my example. How about that?  Don’t you be hypocritin’ me!!

Spiraled GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHYEven bad examples can teach good lessons.

In these days of quarantine I think it’s important to be aware of three postures we can take on… victim, survivor, victor. They are filters through which we view our reality. Like different camera lenses, these filters are carved and polished by our previous life experiences and expectations, personalities and personal values.Three Buddhas Beach Sheet for Sale by Gary Dean Mercer Clark

Victims start defeated by their own negative expectations. A lens of hopelessness and  helplessness shades the aperture of their life’s camera. Victim means “conquered”, and what a sad life it is if you start defeated. Victims don’t hope, dream, work forward, try or expect things to change in a beneficial way. If they receive a bonus, they wait for it to be repossessed or for the IRS to tax it to death. Victims can’t wait for life to be over since they also see their doom written large at the end of any rainbows in view.  Their favorite color is lead.Mike Pence's self-victimization | QUIGLEY'S CARTOONS

One victim I knew once confided in me, “I don’t want to have good days, see? Because I know God will punish me with a bad day or two. So I just try to stay in the middle, neither good nor bad.” What do you say to that? Vic the Victim had reinforced this conquered belief for five decades before he shared his magic recipe with me. Living in dread sort of limits your options also. Victims avoid risks because they have already seen their bleak, loser future, where the risk blows up in their face. They are fools who go to the movies of their own lives and cry …Cry Eat GIF - Cry Eat Hungry - Discover & Share GIFs… despite having watched it over and over.

Victims often spawn little victims, to whom they teach learned helplessness as a family tradition. “Well, Granpa was an angry plumber; and I followed in his malicious muddy footsteps; so it’s only right that you take over the stinkin’ business and learn to be forever angry and bitter.” It’s unconscionable why folks with no hopes, dreams, or aspirations would bring another potential victim or two into being when mom and dad victim don’t believe in a hospitable future. But don’t tell a victim this judgment; he’s sure to tell you it’s not his powerless, disenfranchised fault. It’s fate. Destiny. Voodoo. Mojo. Santeria. A family curse. Intergenerational demonization. Rather than challenge their world views, victims turn their lives into pretzel-like testimonies to the injustice of the cruel universe.Andre Braugher GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Remember the crippled dude named Vic who simply laid around the healing springs of Bethesda on his old dirty yoga mat until Jesus showed up? He had been an invalid for 38 years– longer than Jesus had been a human. He had settled in to a comfortably numb victim status. When Jesus showed up and asked him, “Do you want to get well?”, he started to explain why he couldn’t make it to the magic water when it was stirred. “While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.” Jesus had asked Vic a yes/no question, but the invalid gave him a very lame excuse. My human guess in this episode is that the dude on the mat would have continued to ask for assistance and a cigarette if Jesus had not suddenly commanded him to “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.”  At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked. The guy leaped up with joy. He’d been stuck asking for human intervention when he was struck by the divine. PROFESSIONAL VICTIM TACTICS (Guest video by Vernaculis) | Feminism ...

Survivors have struggled out from under the thumb of conqueredness. They refuse to quit or accept the status of slave to circumstances. They might die trying to escape slavery or a concentration camp, but they will not die passively in their own waste called indifference. Survivors will themselves past obstacles. Whining and excuses are not in their vocabulary. The word survive means “to live through, to exist in spite of hardship and danger”.  Oddly enough they live in the same world as victims; the difference is a survivor’s lens is crisp and real, not naively rosy colored. They live in the world they are in rather than cry for the would haves, should haves, or could haves of a failure to launch.Dreamy photo effect: look through rose-colored glasses

Finally we come to victors, the conquerors. They are the survivors who make it all the way through. Fortune smiles on their courage. Taking nothing for granted, they can deeply drink from the well of gratitude, knowing keenly that no one gets time rebated.The Conqueror (1956)

[Yes, that’s John Wayne as Genghis Khan!!! in The Conqueror.]

777. The Name Above All Names

So I just got my local sewer, water and trash bill and, you guessed it, the bill was signed by Donald J. Trump. I was thrilled and in awe! In my long life I’ve never had a sitting president sign a utility check just for me. I wanted to GAGA up or throw up with all my nervous excitement. I mean he was privy to how much water, electricity and sewer treatment I had consumed. I was ecstatic.  I had to put my head between my knees and deep breathe so I did not pass out with all the anticipatory joy of holding his signature in my sweaty palms. Not since I had John Lennon sign my white Chuck Taylor sneakers and Elton John sign my glitterized Vans have I felt this pumped up, no, Trumped up. Oh, gotta breathe, one, two, three. Ahhhh!! So cool.

Like Richard Nixon in 1973': Presidential historian explains ...Not since Richard Nixon sent a (socialist) stimulus check of $100 to everyone in America to counteract inflation in 1973 have I been this jacked up about hypocritical Republican paternalism. I mean, who’s your daddy now? Remember Tricky Dick? He put a freeze on prices and wages to slow inflationary pressure, but in true Republican fashion, he allowed businesses to sneak up their prices just hours before the fix was in. How about that shit? I mean in the morning wages and prices were non negotiable, but the business community had been given a heads up to bump their prices just before midnight. Slimy sweat ball bastard!

Tug of War – Margolis & Cox Editorial CartoonsIt’s an old political split– Republicans take care of big business first, and if there’s any money left over, which there never is, then trickle down economics dictate that the little guy is thrown a bone. Democrats talk about prosperity from the bottom up, you know? Like the little guy will make the big guy rich, if you just give him respect. The truth is that both parties lie relentlessly. And 80% of the populace is stuck in the middle. Remember when all the Trump tax cuts were rolling out, and the big time right wing economists were saying that wages would rise? Well, they only did once the stock market crashed and front line warehouse and grocery workers were placed in near death situations. Yeah, what’s it gonna take to make the country grow? Brigitte Bardot. Ebola. COVID… when fear overcomes greed.Kidd Shilo on Twitter: "There is a very long list of failed ...

The thing about our beloved Beluga Whale from Queens is this: he loves to slap his name on anything and everything that might convey legitimacy, class, or status on him. Helicopters, planes, steaks, a puniversity, wine, vineyards, golf courses, and building after building after building, plus a fake foundation. I suspect that he wants so badly what he will always lack– honor and real respect, not the toadyism that he purchases daily from prostitutes in silk suits. “You look so svelt, Mr. President.”
What will it take to fill the space at Trump Tower?

Since Don loves to elevate his name above all names, I think it would be right and proper for him to not only get his name on stimulus checks, but to continue on to loftier heights. Instead of “In God we trust” on U.S. currency why not “In Trump we trust”? Of course we need DJT 45 stamps, but while we are at it, why not change all post offices to Trump Postal Service?  He will show them how to do a real bankruptcy. Instead of American flags on all government uniforms, we can have MAGA imagery on hats and shoulder patches. MMMMMM, I can almost taste it. Every day the Trump mail truck will pull up with messages from Don’s smiling face at my mailbox. It will be like Twitter in 3D.Neo-Nazi Trump supporter arrested for blasting taped hate messages ...

In every hamlet and village the local garbage trucks will also bear his face on the back of the vehicle with his smiling mouth opening to gobble up the trash as it is compacted. So sweet– instead of spewing garbage, he can eat it. And wait, sewage treatment plants could also be converted to reflect the Great Leader’s long arms and big hands as the blades that stir the gray fecal matter. Fire hydrants could be painted with orange top bonnets and long red stripes beneath a spray tanned clown face outlet cap. Trump fire hydrant | eBayDogs can patriotically salute him twice a day.

Oh, yeah. You know there is a lot inside a word. For instance, Munchausen. There is a mental disorder or syndrome known as Munchausen’s  Syndrome named for a pathological liar named Baron Munchausen…

Münchhausen served with the Russian army against the Turks and retired to his estates as a country gentleman in 1760. He became famous throughout Hanover as a raconteur of extraordinary tales about his life as a soldier, hunter, and sportsman. 

In other words he was a bit of a minor aristocrat who lied and exaggerated his way through life. Getting warm yet?The facts and fictions of Baron von Münchhausen | Lovely Old Tree

Another word named for a person is mesmerize. There was a strange Dr. Oz of the 18th century named Mesmer who basically laid the foundations for hypnotism or mesmerization. He was a whackadoo who proposed an animal magnetism theory that later evolved into the practice of hypnotism in Vienna and Paris.  He could apparently hypnotize individuals and crowds, making them vulnerable to his manipulative suggestions.  Warmer?Hypnosis GIFs | Tenor

Okay, these are prototypes of Trump. When the carnival of Trump finally leaves town, we will be left with new meanings for the word trump.

noun *a card of a suit any of whose cards will win over a card that is not of this suit

verb * to get the better of OVERRIDE

Fifty years from now, trump will mean something akin to “total deceit and devastation by underhanded means, gaslighting, and pathological lying”. It will reference Benedict Arnold and international espionage for context. A trump will mean “a cretinous tyrant who destroys a civilized society by any and all means necessary, see Nero”.\

Yeah, the name above all names. The mushroom cloud of total annihilation. Boom!

How dangerous are nuclear weapons? - Quora