457. White Rabbit

Image result for white rabbit in a field pictures“So, Dad, you should blog about the white bunny in the neighborhood. It’s so unique and sort of symbolic.”

“Sell it to me. This is Doctor Frazier Crane, Seattle. I am listening.”

Image result for dogs chasing a rabbit pictures“Well, we’re all white bunnies just trying to survive, you know?” Grace explained her angle for my next blog post. “So there is this constant suspense of life versus dogs and foxes, garbage trucks and cars. Most readers are gonna root for the bunny, and you could have various installments like you do with Joel.”

“Sounds like you need to start you own blog, Gracie. I don’t write about domesticated wildlife that return to the wild in the suburbs of a small south central PA town. Not my style. You could probably make it pop, but I can’t imagine it.”

Image result for hawk circling a rabbit picture“Oh, come on! It hops around against all odds of survival. Stu and I see it as a classic struggle for survival. I mean she’s a hawk’s delight the way she bounces as she hops. Her buddy the wild brownie zips and sprints in zig zags. White bunny sort of bobs along like easy pickins… like…”

“Like a Super Wal Mart in an open field: kinda hard to miss.”

Image result for pictures of super walmart“Yeah, like a Wal Mart. You can work it out. You’ve written crazier stuff.”

“No. I have standards, believe it or not. I’ve got to feel something before I go off on an irrational tangent. I need a certain amount of solid rocket fuel to break through the torpid forces of ennui and gravity.”

Image result for taco special pictures

“Okay, but if TacoSpecial.Com writes the saga of the White Bunny, don’t be surprised.”

“Taco, what? That is copyright infringement!!”

“No it’s not even close, Burritospecial. Besides, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You write about broken men in a coffee shop, but you don’t own those stories. They belong to the world. Anyone can write about anything, if they have a good lawyer.”

Image result for sock puppet pictures“I can’t believe you are going to steal from me again. This is like Judy and Jalene stealing Carl and Paul’s sock puppet thunder with Leah. If it’s not illegal, then it’s at least immoral.  (Lifting up each leg in turn. Socked feet make snarling sounds.) No Paul, down boy. Carl, not now. Get down.”

Nervous laughter.

“It’s a good thing my boys are well trained or you’d be missing a big sock bite out of your neck right now.”Image result for vampire sock puppet pictures

“Oh, I’m scared. I guess Judy and Jalene will have to post their own blog story in Tacospecial. com.”

“Actually, Grazel, this is just the kind of crazy schnizzel I do write about. Let me get on the laptop keys before I forget the details. You could wind up as the white bunny after all as Carl and Paul chase you under the bushes and across the street.  Argghh. Woof, woof.”Image result for attacking sock puppet pictures



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