124. now you see it… and now you don’t

What the heck! It’s time to go back home and I would rather stay on. The weather is warming up again and I feel healthier and less burdened here. We had a freak snow storm on Wednesday that excited and confused the locals. Not a flake stuck. There was no chance; the ground was too warm. So what you had was a heavy rain storm that came in the form of fat snowflakes. Then the instant melt began to pool and flood low lying streets. This is a land of extremes. The Accenture PGA event at Dove Mountain was snowed out for a morning with an inch of snow on the fairways. It melted by noon, however. If you wanted a photo of the rare snow, you had to shoot fast. It was a case of now you see it, now you don’t.

The hard thing will be leaving my daughter, son-in-law, and the new love of my life– little Leah. She coos and nuzzles and makes little noises. She’s a little possum in my arms, my marsupial marshmallow.  I’m completely confident that they will be fine without me; it’s more about the comfortable feeling of being needed, of giving and receiving loving attachment. It’s time, though, for Stu’s mom to take the next shift. My daughter is back to normal, a new normal with her baby in her arms while watching Downton Abbey reruns she missed over the past few weeks. Ahh, peace and comfort, like a hot bath restores a tired soul.

A last walk with Kermit up to the Safeway was a familiar and easy mile. The Sombrero mountain peak on my left and the Catalina Mountain ridge far on the other side of Tucson dusted with powdered sugar snow. It seems too perfect a spot for a shopping center. The roads have lovely names– Silver Moon, Rising Moon, Copper Moon, Misty Moon, Silverbell, etc. Lovely just to say them and envision each word picture. Brilliant sunlight pierces the running cloud formations, as the temperature reacts quickly with this solar dance. I’ll miss this capricious weather when I get back to the all too predictable cold and damp of central Pennsylvania tomorrow. The little sunlit ruddiness on my face will be gone by Sunday. Again, now you see it, now you don’t.

Life moves pretty fast. Sometimes you have to stop to see how fast you were going. This week was one of those therapeutic stops, like taking your blood pressure at the pharmacy. Mine was 111/82 this morning. Okay with me. I imagine it will rise as I leave here. Maybe not. I’ve been the cook all week and we ate full blown meals each night with meat and salt and gluten. Lots of gluten. I’ll have to do some extra time on the treadmill when I get home.

So this has to be a short post due to the travel constraints of tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have a better flight back than I did coming out. Several crying babies at 30,000 feet for five hours does not make for a good time. The flight back is an hour shorter because of flying with the prevailing winds. Amazing. I’ll look out the plane window as we lift off from Phoenix Airport and scope out the desert one last time, cuz now you see it, and now you don’t.

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