110. Blameocracy

I try to avoid politics like I try to avoid wrestling with pigs. However, sometimes the pigs get loose and there you are, standing between the pigs and your cold storage apples in your garage. Something has to give. Pigs do what they do naturally, eat the low hanging fruit. And politicians do the same. You can’t blame them; it’s in their blood. However, if you want to keep your apples, you have to get them out of your garage.

Our democracy is no longer what Lincoln once claimed it to be– a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Nosirreee, it’s devolved into a blameocracy. Like a bad marriage counseling session where the husband spends 30 minutes crucifying his wife only for the wife to spend the next 30 minutes crucifying him in return, the parties gouging each other with verbal double-edged razor blades, cutting themselves with each gash at the other.

Does this sound like our current government? Each noble sounding politician begins answering a news reporter’s question in a forward direction, like you would steer a schoolbus full of kids on an interstate, and then whips the answer into the left or right shoulder, depending on the party. These partyrats continue babbling on about how awful and morally bankrupt the other side are as they spin their wheels in their ditch with a nation full of helpless passengers held hostage. Holy Demonization! Though these elected officials are relatively immune from the effects of their own stupidity, they act otherwise, full of righteously rehearsed indignation. They feed at the tax trough while complaining for or against the fairness of taxes on the famed American middle class, none of whom live in Congress. I’m beginning to think that the middle class is going the way of the “family farm”, in whose name countless corporate farms and agribusiness received preferred tax conditions and subsidies for decades. Is there really a middle class left or is it merely another talking point for these silk suit rapists?

Here’s a little taste of the discrepancy between them and you…

How much are Senators and Representatives worth?

Average worth

Based on data for the years 2004 to 2010 from OpenSecrets.org – The Center for Responsive Politics

U.S. Congress

Year # of Reports Average Total Net Worth Average
2010 641 $4,680,278,853 $7,301,527
2009 652 $4,271,710,652 $6,551,703
2008 600 $3,834,468,090 $6,390,780
2007 603 $4,633,904,377 $7,684,750
2006 594 $3,979,189,252 $6,698,972
2005 542 $3,459,576,717 $6,382,983
2004 580 $3,533,674,470 $6,092,542

Some of you may have 641 Facebook friends. Think their net worth is $4.68 Billion?

I submit that politicians come in three varieties– liars, thieves, or whores. Often you get a crossover pol who is all three. But there I go, blaming others. I’m not talking here about blaming others. My net worth is too low for that luxury. Look, tax me, okay? I love my country and my freedom. I know these are not free. I am not looking for the guy behind the tree to pay my taxes. As part of the governance bargain (so the deal is taxation and not extortion) I merely suggest that elected officials be responsible with the commonwealth’s money. Do not pay for Generals to maintain mistresses. Do not pay for retirements for crooks to live like barons. Do not piss me off with frivolous expenses and programs that do not ever produce a thing. Live by the laws you make for us little people. Don’t look for my respect from the Tidal Basin where you wrecked your car, drunk with a stripper named Fanny. Yes, he (not Bill Clinton) ran for president in ’72. See Wilbur Mills.  Do something good for the country and not stop at party lines.

I own a gun and like to hunt, but take away semi-automatic weapons, please. Make it hard but not impossible to get a gun. Face the NRA and other paranoid nut groups that can’t wait for apocalypse and do something that should have been done when Reagan and Lennon were shot in the 1980’s. For God’s sake, you could not have two more different victims of gun violence than Ronnie and Johnnie. Hunters were not a part of this stupidity done by deranged shooters. Single shot rifles were not a part of it. No, but somehow in their name and on their behalf the NRA worked even harder to get more guns in more hands. It reminds me of the straw man arguments for the family farm and the suffering middle class, and Nixon’s great Silent Majority: underhanded crap was offered as justification for programs and actions on behalf of constituencies that didn’t really exist. It’s bait and switch at its finest. Sell more guns? No. Sell no guns? No. Meet at the middle minus all the drama and posturing. And if we’re going to have unregulated gun shows, let’s open up unregulated drug shows where we can swap and sell leftover narcotics without any paper trail, just a handshake.

The Blameocrats speak the same language but it means different things for them. Taxes are called revenue enhancements. “Meeting in the middle” means “You give me six of yours to one of mine, plus you admit to being evil and fall on your sword”. “We’re all in this together” means “We have a separate and superior retirement system that is well funded and separate from Social Security”.  “Entitlement programs” are for the poor elderly and disabled. “Patriotic pay programs” apply to the federal government and military pensions and protections. Aren’t they the same things for fellow Americans? Or is this language strangulation that protects the classes one from another like  the decks of the Titanic?  In any evaluation, though we may all hit the same iceberg or hurtle off the same cliff, some have reservations on their lifeboats, and some are locked down below. Which deck are you on, blog reader? Like any banana republic, the first order of business must be to make sure that the ruling class is well armed and in bed with the military.

When plutocrats risk their lives to defend the fabled middle class, pigs will fly and be welcome in my garage.


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