61. Humbly

Blog citizens,

Today I’d like to hear from you. This is my 60th posting, and a bit of a milestone for me. (There is no number 1.) I started blogging in March with no expectations or directions.  As I peck out my little posts, I wonder if there is any connection occurring, any value added to your day.

I’m hoping for specific feedback– likes, dislikes, what were you thinking, don’t ever do that again, etc. I am not collecting data or e-mails for a sales pitch at a later time. I am not that savvy. I would greatly appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

A while ago one of my former students was in my counseling office. She made the connection that I had been her teacher twenty years ago. I said, “I hope that I did not scar you for life.”

She responded, “No, you actually saved my life. Do you remember digging through the dumpster after lunch for my dental retainer?”

“Strangely enough, yes, I do remember that. I believe we served corn that day with tacos.”

“Well, it was the first day I’d worn my retainer, and my dad would have killed me if I had lost it.”

That little snapshot meant something to me. It was a tiny puzzle piece in a huge mosaic that no longer exists in the material world. Her feedback, however, was a gentle connection to what was and still is. I still dig through dumpsters for lost stuff.

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