35. Demonically

I’ve known a few folks in my life who carried evil spiritual entities with them. These critters are called demons. Now, for me to explain, you must believe in or at least suspend judgment about the spiritual realm. I have much too much experience with them because any contact is too much. I’ll try to discuss them as specifically as possible  but briefly as well. What are demons like?  How do you know when a demon is present? I can only tell by the other’s eyes. They get snarly and glaring, hate filled, which is not the normal reaction I get with folks. They may speak in a voice that is raspy or altered from their host’s speaking voice. The first one I ever heard speak bellowed, “She’s mine!” However, it’s the eyes that show another presence, and it’s a hostile one.

If I said I  had a big one sleeping on the floor next to me as I type, you probably wouldn’t believe me. You can’t see it. I could be making all this stuff up. On the other hand, if you have suspended judgment, you may still be with me and briefly imagine a grown woman writhing on the floor making vomiting noises and hacking up spirit-infested spit for the past two hours. It’s your choice. And why I am not afraid of repercussions from the now sleeping slug? Let me explain.

Where does this stuff come from? Well, in my rather limited experience I’d say from Hell. Let me speculate here–if you allow for the supernatural, and you accept the existence of Satan, then accept also that demons serve him,The Prince of Darkness, Father of Lies. Not only do they serve him, but lots of them are noted in the New Testament, where Jesus casts them out of their victims by legions. Angels attend God; demons attend Satan. Many on each side. What is key to understanding is authority; the demonic seem to understand legalism and twist it to their advantage. Ultimate authority, however, rests solely with God. And this is why you need not hyperventilate in the presence of demons. Lean on God’s authority and power. Poof!

What is their job? For each negative feeling you can conceive of, I am suggesting that there is a corresponding demon; that means there is likely a demon for hate, envy, anger, hopelessness, death, suicide, lust, fornication, guilt, shame,etc, and especially fear. And doubt, that is after all the first human mistake/sin… doubting God. Once the host/victim is attacked, these little tar balls come into the host’s mind and sometimes into their sight. They agitate and distract their victims much like hives or poison ivy capture a normal person’s attention. There is not much else you can think about when you itch inside your skull. Fear swells up in the victim and the theme park of nightmare rides opens  for one lonely soul, be it Michael Jackson or Elvis or Jim Morrison or you. It’s on.

Why do demons do what they do? In the short run to control and intimidate the hostage. Besieged by hordes of insanity-provoking insects, broken down by sleeplessness and desperation, the host will negotiate. For what? Some action or inaction that advances Satan’s agenda. If the host practiced satanism and decided to retire, it’s comparable to trying to leave the Mafia. They don’t like being exposed or taxed or disempowered. Their agenda is then to silence or cause the host to suicide. Fun guys. “We’ll be back to break your knee caps, or kill your dog, or shame you beyond belief.”

How do they get into someone to begin with? Again, limited experience and speculation. But a shattered mind leaves lots of entry points. I believe that trauma has a lot to do with it, especially childhood trauma that occurs without a secure haven for the victimized child. The tales I’ve heard are horrific and  seemingly hopeless. When hope is gone, the victim is willing to negotiate. Once these evil tapeworms and moths get into a host’s soul, they eat away as much as they can as quickly as they can. If the host then participates in satanic practices, such as bloodletting and blood drinking, the demon of guilt will see to it that the host endlessly gargles guilt in an attempt to wash away the metallic taste of blood. Unfortunately it is an unforgettable taste that is tattooed onto the tongue and then the neural pathways that pulse in one’s memories. The victim is further victimized by her memories and the twisted blaming done by demon voices.

And why don’t these things bother me?  At first contact they scared the crap out of me, and I felt fear swell up in me. Their existence consumed me as a bystander witness. However, I am a stubborn guy and I hate to retreat. I learned about the other side of the spiritual realm; applied some logic (which, I believe, demons despise because they cannot do it); dug deeper trenches in my faith; and pushed back along with other Believers. I noticed that the demons retreated or complied with orders that came from the mouth of Jesus. “What you (believers) bind and release on earth will be bound and released in heaven.”  And in many other passages Jesus tells His disciples that they will drive out demons in His name, by His authority. Along with some pretty committed folks, I have pushed back hard.

Most folks have nowhere to put this sort of information. There is no category in their minds for demons and Satan and spirits at war. So they ignore or dismiss it. I used to do the same thing till they came knocking on the coffee table in front of me. Boom!


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