31. Effervescently

Effervesence is a nice word to say. Four happy syllables living in harmony, like a nice little family of mom and dad and two girls taking a stroll in the park. It’s an early summer day, morning, the birds are busy. The parents got up early because the girls were up and felt the pull of nature overriding their love of kids’ television. Vessi and Censi, twins with dark hair and freckles and green eyes, chattered all the way to the park, excited to be the first people out in the cool Saturday morning air. They weren’t sure, but they thought a doe jumped at the edge of the field and into the thin woods beyond.

“Daddy, do deers live here?”

“They visit at night, like we visit during the day.”

“Where do they live? Do they have a house?”

“No, they don’t live inside. Their home is the woods.” “Look, a groundhog is sitting up over there!”

“Oh, he’s cute. Mom, can we keep  him if Daddy catches him?”

“Honey, your Dad can’t catch it. Besides, it might be a mommy groundhog that needs to feed her kittens or baby hogs. I don’t know what they’re called.”

“Chicks, baby groundhogs are called chicks.”

“Dad, that’s wrong. Chickens have chicks.”

“Girls, Daddy is teasing. He’s trying to be funny but not very.”

“Can we bring her snacks when we visit?”

“Um, look. She must have seen us. Down she goes in her hole.”

“Yuck, they live in the dirt? That would be so dirty. Mom, I don’t want a pet groundhog anymore.”

And the happy family continues around the bends of the path until the girls run to the swingset and monkey bars, like little chimps. Mom and Dad marvel at their kinetic energy and feel the little geyser in their own stomachs, a pleasant bubbling up of Effervesence.


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